Microgreens can be any variety of seed, harvested right after the first leaves develop. Think of it this way, in between the sprout and baby green stage. Microgreens are different than sprouts, because sprouts are often grown in water and in the dark. We grow our microgreens in soil and in the sun to capture maximum nutrients. At the microgreen stage the plant has a distinct flavor and texture due to the density of their nutrients. 


Studies show that the density of nutrition in microgreens is at its maximum, compared to fully grown greens. This is due to the nature of beneficial compounds being most dense at the beginning of the life cycle. The best nutrients are within the seed itself, so by harvesting the plant at the microgreen stage, they contain their first and most pungent flavor and nutrition. Many microgreen varieties, especially Brassicas, like Broccoli, have been shown to help in disease prevention and overall well being.


Microgreens are perfect for adding a delicate boost of flavor or color to just about anything. Use as you would typically use veggies and herbs! Salads, Sandwiches, Soups, Bread, Pizza, Garnish. Ideas below!