We are a small, diversified 1 acre farm located in Truckee, California. We provide access to hyper local produce grown in the community that we live in.


We share a love for good food, our high alpine landscape, and getting outside. When we started putting our heads together in the winter of 2015 on how we could combine our personal and professional passions, growing food felt like a great place to start. At that point we had lived in the North Lake Tahoe area for 5 years. Recognizing how unpredictable our climate can be, we dipped our toes in and started growing microgreens. We started small. Our first market season we were growing in a 10x12 greenhouse. With the love and support from our community, we began to dream up how we could provide more real food back to them. Because of the nature of our mountain climate, we had to get creative. All of our varieties are cold hardy and require a short date to maturity. We have implemented season extension techniques that are employed throughout our entire growing season to protect our crops from variable conditions. Now we grow over 25 different crops and 20 varieties of lettuce. Variety is the spice of life!


When buying locally produced food you are helping to strengthen your community because your dollar is being directly invested. By supporting your local farmers, you are contributing to the communties' food security and building a stronger food network. Our hope is to help develop a growing market for Truckee/Tahoe, which will cut down on a lot of environmental costs, too, from transportation to packaging.


We follow sustainable practices of farming simply because it makes sense to us. Healthy soil means healthy food. We employ no till and biointensive methods for growing. Which means we aren't disrupting the soil growth cycle, only encouraging it. By employing high crop rotation techniques and adding real organic matter, like chicken manure and mushroom compost, it keeps the soil invigorated with healthy microorganisms, while preventing erosion and runoff. Our farm is nestled in a pine forest, which provides protection from the elements like wind and rain (hail and snow). Perennial vegetation like manzanitas and other woody shrubs stabilize the soil and act as a buffer for habitat areas. Our edible flowers act as vegetative barriers and have greatly increased our pollinator & beneficial insect community.